Care guide

In order for the shoes to last, it is important that you take good care of your Wallin shoes.

Follow the recommendations below and you will extend the life of your shoes.

  • Change shoes everyday:

Your feet give off a lot of moisture, and even though you may find that the shoes feel dry the next day, the materials need more time to dry Wallin recommends that you have a minimum of 3 pairs of shoes to switch between. The optimal is to change shoes every day and have 5-6 pairs of shoes to change between.

  • Proofing

The care starts already before use. The proofing must take place outdoors or in a strongly ventilated room. Hold approx. 30 centimeters distance and spray the proofing on. Better 3 thin layers than one thick. Your shoes must be proofed min. once a month. When it rains once a week.

  • Brushing:

Suede should be brushed with a suitable brush so that the surface is easily scratched up.

  • Shoe polish:

Smooth leather should be treated with shoe polish. It is important to ensure that any dirt is removed from the shoe beforehand. Use a soft sponge or cloth and gently wash the dirt off the shoes. Use water if they are very dirty, but avoid getting the shoes drenched. Then the shoe must dry well, and then the shoe polish is applied with a soft cloth or sock. Let the shoe polish be for at least an hour and then polish. The shoe polish must match the leather and color.

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