Wallin is an innovative semi-orthopedic shoe brand from 2015 developed by renowned Danish orthopedic shoemakers who have worked with feet and shoes for over 75 years.

The importance of taking care of your feet and joints occupies Wallin so much that the need to develop their own semi-orthopedic shoe arose.

Wallin combines their vast knowledge, experience and passion to help feet in the development of Wallin shoes.


The keywords for Wallin are volume and Pressure reduction.

There must be enough volume in the shoe so that the feet have space and at the same time provide the opportunity to customize the shoe with inlay soles. The rocker sole ensures that the pressure when walking is reduced under foot, on joint, ankle and heel, while the knee and hip are relieved and supported.

Wallin wants to help more feet to a life with MORE VOLUME LESS PRESSURE.

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