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If you are looking for a healthy shoe with great comfort – the Wallin shoe is the right choice.

A shoe with a rocker sole is designed to make your walk more gently. The curved shape of the rocker sole ensures a natural roll when you walk. With this roll, the weight is distributed over the entire foot and the pressure on the joints of the foot is reduced.

Orthopedic shoemakers have been involved in the design process of our rocker shoes, so you can feel completely safe and certain that the shoe has been created to give you the best possible comfort.

You can find a large selection of rocker shoes at Wallin shoes. e have shoes for both men and women, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect rocker shoe. You can order here on our website and try the shoe on at home. If the shoe does not fit, we have a 14-day right of return.


In addition to the rocker sole, the Wallin shoe also has extra volume. You must be able to swing your feet freely and there must be space between your toes and the front of the shoe. Maybe you have difficulty finding a shoe with the extra width and volume. Try the Wallin shoe and feel the difference – it’s more than just a shoe with a rocker sole.

The Wallin shoe comes with 2 removable inlay soles. An antibacterial inlay sole and a 3mm foam inlay sole. One or both can be taken out and replaced by an individual inlay sole.

Together with the Wallin shoe’s healthy functions and your specially adapted inlay sole, you ensure the most optimal conditions for your feet. If you do not use inlay soles, you can of course easily use the Wallin shoe as it is and enjoy the great comfort of the shoe.

The functions of the Wallin shoe – the rocker sole, the volume and the removable inlay soles make it ideal for people with challenged feet. It could be Arthritis. Diabetes, Bunions, Hallux Valgus, Hallux Rigidus, Heel Spurs, Tired and Sore Feet. Or perhaps you are on your feet all day at work or at home – the Wallin shoe is a great choice. The pressure-reducing function in the rocker sole means that your feet do not feel tired in the same way as a pair of shoes without rocker sole. In addition, your knees and hips are relieved.

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